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Wens Annette Williams

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Wens Annette Williams was born in Denver, Colorado, on August 24, 1976 to Loletha J. Williams and Gary Dewi Williams. She was a beautiful baby. Shortly after her birth Wens was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia (SCA). In 1982, while living in London, England with her mother, Wens suffered a stroke which was not diagnosed until they returned to the states in 1984, when a second stoke occurred. This event left Wens paralyzed on her left side which required rehabilitation, and to treat SCA she would need numerous blood transfusions at the age of eight.

This was the beginning of Wens as a portrait of grace and strength. Her mother, Loletha, became her tireless caregiver, going above and beyond to provide the best care, and showing endless love toward Wens. With her mother’s help Wens would attend elementary school, middle school, and graduate from Manual High School; all while receiving many years’ medical treatments for her condition.

Having a disabilities did not stop Wens, she was very independent. Wens even worked at Dairy Queen for a time. She was warm and extremely caring of others. Wens was outgoing, and maintained a smile, a great sense of humor and a quick wit. Wens had a contagious laugh, and was easily tickled. If Wens thought something was hilarious, she’d laugh a long time. She’d laugh at her cousins and they would tell her, “stop laughing Wens”. She always was the center of attention.

Confidence was her middle name because Wens was full of self-esteem. There wasn’t anything that she didn’t think she could do. She said, “Granny told me to go after my dreams!” Wens desired marriage, children, a home of her own and a car. Wens would get so angry if she thought someone was standing in the way of her progress, independence, goals or dreams. Although, Wens has a physical disability, she never played a victim. She humorously named her paralyzed arm, ‘Lefty.’ Wens was loved by everyone that knew her. She loved Michael Jackson and Prince. Wens loved music and singing. She joined Voices of Faith Youth Choir led by Pastor Yvonne McCoy. Wens was the best dancer sitting down you ever want to see! Wens had personality for days, and love to! Wens didn’t get out much, but when she did, she was the life of the party. Whether she was in church, home in front of the TV or wherever!

Wens loved glamour and she loved her gorgeous, jet black hair. It was usually curled, flat ironed, or natural. She loved lipstick, make up, and nail polish. At a Mary Kay party with her cousin Olivia, Wens purchased over $100 of beauty care products! She was determined do her own nails and makeup at home. Wens used her teeth to hold the nail brush and held her breath to use when applying polish. Through the eyes of Wens, she was not disabled and had no limitations. She saw herself perfect in her own eyes. Wens Annette didn’t stress herself about her looks, or being different. Wens loved and accepted herself.

Wens was a night owl! Wens could stay up all night on social media, watching movies, eating or reading her bible. Wens would sleep all day. Wens was very much a caregiver. If anyone was sick in the house, Wens was ready to serve by giving you a glass of water or whatever you needed. If you were going somewhere she wanted to go, and if she couldn’t go, she would get so upset. Wens adored her loved ones, she greeted all her family with such excitement upon every interaction. Wens loved each of us unconditionally.

She enjoyed shopping, whether in the stores or online. She loved going to get groceries, cooking and baking cakes. Some of Wens favorite foods were spaghetti and she made an excellent double chocolate cake! She could tear up the steak! Miss Wens would always order the biggest steak in the restaurant! She would just sat there and eat it all! Wens didn’t mind taking her time savoring her food at the table, she was never, ever in a rush!

Wens was very feisty whenever it came down to her health. During doctor’s appointments and hospitalizations, she watched all of the staff and was very particular about their care for her. Wens knew more than any nurse could ever tell her… she also knew which needles she needed for blood transfusions or to take blood. Wens didn’t hesitate to correct or question any nurse or sound the alarm concerning her care!

Wens Annette Williams departed this life in May 15, 2020. She leaves to mourn, her mother Loletha Jones & Clifton “Papa Bear” Jones; her birth father, Gary Dee Williams; her brother, Isaac Jones; and sister Stacia Jones; and other siblings, and aunts and uncles including Pastor Joseph Manwell (Mary) Williams, Ramoane (Sophia) Williams, Pastor Don (Tracey) Williams, Joe W Williams; aunts, Rita (Pastor Ray) Whittington, Phyllis Jackson and Rochelle Ann Berry, and a host of loving cousins and extended family.

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Wens Annette Williams