Arthur Jerome Robinson, Jr.

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“To plant a seed in one’s heart…to root it in love…to nourish it with time spent together…yields a blossom that will flourish forever.”

Arthur Jerome Robinson Jr. (also affectionately known as “Pugs” named by his mother) was born in Denver, Colorado to Arthur Jerome Robinson Sr. and Tina Renee Roquemore on September 24, 1983. He was the oldest child of two.  As the first born child, he was extremely protective and supportive of his younger sibling, Ashanti. The two formed a strong and unbreakable bond.

Art proudly grew up in Parkhill where he participated in organized sports. He played football for the Almighty Pirates and won the super bowl almost every year with the team until he went on to go play high school varsity football, basketball and track.  Art attended Smith Elementary, Hill Middle School, Manual High but graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School with honors and semester early.  After high school graduation Art went on to continue his education at Mesa State in Grand Junction, Colorado and Savannah State in Savannah, Georgia.  He finished his education with a BA in Political Science.

Art began his professional career as a Correctional Officer and shortly moved into his final position as a Sergeant. He held positions as a Correctional Officer at Burlington- Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), and Rite of Passage (ROP).  He held his current and final position at Intervention Inc. (ICCS).  He took his career extremely serious and would often say, “I like helping people”. It was as if this was his calling. He never looked at those he was helping in the correctional system as less than.

Art became a father to Nyla Renee in 2011.  Nyla was his pride and joy.  His number one girl.  Where ever you saw Art, Nyla was close by.  Sometimes even in the same Polo outfit. He attended all of her dances, recitals, and parent/teacher conferences.  He enjoyed going to show support, loved, and took pictures to post on social media with the craziest captions.  Art most recently became a father again to his second daughter Sadi’Ann Bell in 2019.  With Sadi, he had hopes of having a son.  Art play boxed with Sadi and watched boxing matches.  He even taught her how to swing a fist.  He would have her sitting next to him while watching all types of sports.  He kept her on his hip.  Earlier this year in January, he welcomed his long awaited son Arthur Jerome Robinson, the Third.  Art was unbelievably excited and boastful about his son.  He was caught off guard on how identical his baby boy resembled him.  He took fatherhood very serious and wore it with a badge of honor.  He is the definition of a true and devoted father.

Art was a natural fighter. He never let life’s obstacles get in his way.  He always faced his challenges head on.  No matter what went on in his life his resiliency was unmatched compared to others.  He showed his strength by not allowing anything to keep him down, and he always bounced back quickly landing on his two feet.

Arthur was a very affectionate person.  To his family, he would greet you with kisses and hugs, but not the normal kisses you would expect, his was wet and he loved to leave his mark on your cheeks.  His hugs were tight and left you breathless and sometimes with chest pains. He was big on family.  He loved his mother, father and sister immensely.  His cousins were also like siblings, he made his rounds to each and every one.  No one was exempt from his affection, love, and clowning. He made friends easily and effortlessly.  His favorite past time was watching the Dallas Cowboys in all Cowboy attire.  He would take any and all wagers and proudly displayed their wins and losses publicly on Facebook.  He enjoyed watching Tyler Perry movies but loved watching horror movies with his oldest daughter Nyla.  His signature was Polo gear.  He would state how Polo is “that unexpired clothing”.  Art swore he was the tightest dressed and the funniest.  Anytime Art would see his family members and/or friends slipping at life, he would look them in the eyes and sternly say “FOCUS UP!”

He is preceded in death by his maternal grandmother Carol Ann Roquemore, his paternal grandmother Heulette Caroline Robinson, and paternal grandfather Arthur Bell Robinson.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens: A time to be born, and a time to die.” ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

Arthur Jerome Robinson Jr. “Pugs” transitioned on April 24, 2020, in Denver, Colorado.  Those left for him to look over includes his children Nyla Renee, Sadi’Ann Bell, and Arthur Jerome the Third.  His mother Tina Renee Roquemore, his father Arthur Jerome Robinson Sr., his loving sister Ashanti, all of Denver Colorado. His aunts Jackie O’neal, Jeanine Robinson and Jennifer Toussaint.  His uncles, Avery Davis, Tommy Roquemore, Omar Gates (Elizabeth), all of Denver Colorado and Gregory Wayne of Chicago IL. A host of cousins, other relatives and friends.

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Arthur Jerome Robinson, Jr.