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Aminah L. Munoz

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Aminah L. Munoz

Aminah Leigh Munoz was born on December 21, 1994, in Denver, Colorado to her parents, Pamela Monique Munoz and Ricky Lee Smith. Aminah was the middle child of nine brothers and sisters. Growing up, Aminah was quiet and mellow; however, as she got older, you would have thought she was the eldest, because she became so spunky and bossy. Her mother was her best friend. They were inseparable. She loved sitting in her mother’s lap all the time.

Aminah was educated in the Denver Public Schools District. She enjoyed helping her teachers in school, staying behind to read, and finish work early. She had such a big heart; she would even help to clean the classroom. She made friends easily at school, but she had so many siblings, she really did not need to make many friends. Her large family consisted of siblings, Janel, Patricia, Jae-Ana, Asia, Briana, Rikia, Anazeh, Amira, Ajie, Ricky Jr., Jacquay, Asian Jr., and Amari, all living in Denver, Colorado. Aminah and her siblings shared a lot of memories at their grandmother’s house to include additional extended family and loved ones.

Aminah was a proud, devoted, and dedicated mother. She welcomed her first daughter, A’riyah, into this world on July 23, 2014, and her second daughter, Zaniyah, on July 7, 2019. As soon as they were introduced to the world, Aminah would refer to them as, “My Best Friend.” Aminah was a fulltime mother, never leaving her babies. She treasured her children and embraced every moment with them. They were so close that when A’riyah left for her first day of school, Aminah cried. She missed her so much that once school was over Aminah was the first one, out of all the parents, at the school to greet her child, A’riyah. Just as Aminah was with her mother, A’riyah and Aminah were inseparable. Aminah was the most loving, patient, and calm mother to her two beautiful daughters. The three of them made a beautiful trio.

Aminah was also a devoted and cheerful employee. She always had a bright loving spirit with the best intentions in heart. She had awesome work ethic. She worked seasonal jobs that welcomed her back year after year.

Aminah became the designated driver for the night’s out with the girls. She was known for checking on the well-being of them to ensure they were alright. As she would take some home, and return for other, she would remind them that she would be right back for them. Aminah enjoyed her free time, she would let go and dance the night away or hang with friends and family.

In September 2019, her mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Aminah would make it her business to get to the hospital no matter what. Bad weather, bad mood, extenuating circumstances, even her very own responsibilities, Aminah visited the hospital until Pamela would take her very last breath.

On July 5, 2020, Aminah would reunite with her mother, Pamela Monique Munoz; her father, Ricky Lee Smith; her grandma, Hope; and niece, Chanel. Aminah is not leaving behind her two best friends as we all now they will meet again in eternal life. She is right beside them every second as their Angel and Protector, just as she was here in the flesh. She will be dearly missed and forever in our hearts. Her Siblings life’s will be dimmer as Aminah was a beautiful light in our lives. These will cherish her memory, her children, A’riyah and Zaniyah; her siblings, Janel (Octavius), Patricia, Jae-Ana (Michael), Asia, Briana, Rikia, Anazeh, Amira, Ajie, Ricky Jr., Jacquay, Asian Jr., and Amari; her grandmother, Patsy, a total of 25 nieces and nephews, many, many other relatives, aunts, uncles, cousins, and many friends.

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Aminah L. Munoz